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 Particle Removal
The Micro Manipulator excels in picking up particles that are as small as 2μm. The system includes a number of automation systems to speed up particle operations.
– To view a video of these operations click here.

 Adhesive Removal
Users can remove fibers and objects from adhesive matrices using probes and tweezers.
– To view a video of thes operation click here.

   Removal From Chamber
Particles that are lodged in a difficult chamber or opening can be manipulated and removed. The approach can be with a bent probe or flex probe attached to the standard arm.

 Diamond Anvil Cell Loading
The Micro Manipulator makes the difficult process of hand loading a DAC much more easy and efficient. This make layering and organizing of materials within the DAC cell possible.

  Film Separation
Thin Films can be separated into discrete layers through scraping or cutting with the knife. The stepper motors on the Micro Maniuplator allow for 0.1μm layer resolution in x, y and z motion.

  Removing Embedded Particles
The peelers can isolate embedded particles by removing other surrounding substances. This makes it possible to remove particles using either the regular probe arm or the milling pro.
– To view a video of these operations click here.

  FIB Lift-out and Rotation
Quickly prepare FIB samples for analysis with quick removal after cutting. The Super Fine Pitch Rotator allows for precise situation of the sample on the probe for easy deposition onto a grid.
– To view a video of these operations click here.

  Vacuum Absorption
The Vacuum Absorption system can pickup and discharge particles. Pipettes are available from 0.5 μm to 20μm.

Electrical Probing
New Electrical Probing accessories are available for FA analysis on integrated circuits and electrical systems.

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