ABB (OA-ICOS) Gas Analyzers

ABB manufactures the LGR line of trace gas analyzers based on Off-Axis Integrated Cavity Output Spectroscopy (OA-ICOS).    These systems may be configured for a wide variety of gases and in a wide variety of configurations depending on the intended use of the analyzer. The table below summarizes many of these capabilities (note: many analyzers can be used for more than one gas). Please contact us for any questions or assistance in configuring a system.

Specific product formats include:

Drone: ABB’s newest line of gas analyzers that are configured for mounting on a drone with an emphasis on lightweight products that deliver the sensitivity needed for most applications.

Portable: ICOS gas analyzers designed for use in most field operations. These systems can typically be carried and are suitable for operation under battery power.

Laboratory/Stationary: Gas analyzers suitable for use with most indoor applications.

Deep Water: Specialized analyzers configured for use at very high pressures under water. Typically operational to depths of up to 2500 m.

Concentration: Gas analyzers designed to deliver information on the concentration of this gas.

Isotopes: Analyzers configured to deliver the relative abundance of different isotopes of the molecule(s) being measured.

To learn more about the full suite of ABB analyzers, contact us.

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