Micromanipulators serve as vital instruments for executing intricate tasks with utmost precision under a microscope. These systems facilitate the precise mounting and movement of sampling tools such as micropipettes, electrodes, or probes, ensuring accuracy down to the micron level. Barnett Technical Services, as a trusted micromanipulator supplier , offers a comprehensive range of Micro Support’s state-of-the-art precision micromanipulation systems tailored for your intricate tasks.The Axis Pro benchtop micromanipulator integrates a zoom microscope with manipulator arms controlled via advanced PC software . This ground-breaking configuration empowers users to precisely manipulate samples, offering real-time confirmation and visualization through a dedicated display interface.Discover an extensive assortment of precision micromanipulators and accompanying accessories to elevate your research capabilities. These systems are accompanied by a wide array of tools that allow you to get the best performance for your sampling needs. For expert guidance and detailed specifications on the most sought-after micromanipulators, customized to suit your unique research needs, reach out to our knowledgeable staff.


Benchtop micromanipulator incorporating a zoom microscope and motorized sampling arms...

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Individual micromanipulator arm that can be added to a white light microscope...

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Automated grain/particle sorting and collection system...

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Micro Support’s Quick Pro arms enable electrical probing on up to four probes...

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Axis Pro: Benchtop Micromanipulator with Integrated Zoom Microscope

Axis Pro  stands as a sophisticated benchtop micromanipulator meticulously designed to blend a powerful zoom microscope with exceptionally accurate manipulation arms. This innovative system provides unparalleled precision in micromanipulation tasks while ensuring a user-friendly experience.

Quick Pro: Stand-alone Micromanipulator

Quick Pro represents a stand-alone micromanipulator that seamlessly integrates motorized manipulation arms into an existing white-light microscope with the ease of a PC mouse click. This innovative system ensures a user-friendly experience, providing precise handling and control of microscopic tasks with effortless ease.

Collection Pro: Automated Sorting and Collection of Microscopic Substances

The Collection Pro micromanipulator systems represents a cutting-edge solution for the automated sorting and collection of grains and other particles. This sophisticated micromanipulation system revolutionizes the meticulous task of handling large numbers of minerals and particles, streamlining the process with unparalleled efficiency and precision.
Specific Configurations.
Electrical Probing.
(Please see the information here: https://barnett-technical.com/products-category/electrical-probe-stations/).
Ex Situ Lift-Out
(Please see the information here: https://barnett-technical.com/steves-solutions/ex-situ-lift-out/)

Applications of Micromanipulators

Micromanipulators find applications across various scientific and engineering fields due to their precision and control capabilities. Some common applications include:
  • Particle Isolation and Failure Analysis:
    • Micro-sample Handling: Micromanipulators provide the ability to handle microscopic materials for analysis or assembly.
    • Targeted Microfabrication: Offers unparalleled control in positioning small components during fabrication processes, ensuring precise and targeted microfabrication.
    • Precise Examination: Micromanipulators enable detailed examination of microscopic components for accurate failure analysis.
  • Material Sciences:
    • Micro-manipulation: Handling microscopic materials, micro-particles, or microscopic structures for analysis or assembly.
    • Microfabrication: Positioning small components during fabrication processes.
  • Photonics and Optics:
    • Fiber Optic Alignment: Precise alignment of optical fibers or lenses in photonics research or telecommunications.
  • Precision Engineering:
    • Microassembly:Assembling miniature components or devices in precision engineering.