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Barnett Technical Services distributes products for material characterization and manipulation.  For more information on the companies we work with, please see the Products tab above.

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Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) represents one of the most powerful super-microscopy techniques for material characterization. In order to obtain powerful images, it is critical to have a very thin section of material that allows for electron transmission through the sample.

The Micro Support Axis Pro micromanipulator can transfer FIB foils to TEM grids outside (ex situ) the SEM chamber. 

This article inlcudes videos, diagrams and descriptions of Lift-Out on the Micromanipulator. Click here for the entire article.

AIC FAIC Annual Meeting

Micro Support Micromanipulators

Axis Pro Micromanipulator

Manipulation of small materials.Probes available for a wide range of sample manipulations, including:

  • Isolating particles
  • Cutting
  • Milling off a surface
  • Nanoliquid deposition
  • Vacuum for material removal

Micro Support

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Failure analysis and particle isolation in a post-COVID-19 world.

The spread of COVID-19 has led to great changes in the lives of people worldwide.  This includes the need for increased social distancing and the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to minimize the risk of spreading and acquiring disease from others and the surrounding environment. The use of PPE, including gloves, safety goggles, and a mask causes difficulties for failure analysis and particle isolation where precise microscopic sample handling is often required.  Precise manipulations using probes and other handheld tools while looking through a microscope, are much more difficult while wearing PPE.

The Micro Support Axis Pro micromanipulator is an excellent solution for performing precise microscopic sampling where PPE is required.  

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GGPF Presentation

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Micro Support

Steve’s Solutions Featuring Micro Support

Rapid, Sensitive Raman Detection for Bioprocess Monitoring

The Tornado Hyperflux PRO Plus Raman system that utilizes High Throughput Virtual Slit (HTVS) technology provides excellent performance for applications where rapid and sensitive Raman measurements are required. The system has recently been incorporated into the Sartorius ambr® bioprocess system. The OPIS 35 laser configuration for operation in ATEX Zone 0 environments allows for worldwide use of this technology.

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MRS Fall 2020

We are very excited to be attending Materials Research Society Fall Meeting, December 1-3, 2020 in Boston, MA. We will be at booth TBA representing a number of products:

Axis Pro Micromanipulator

Micro Support Micromanipulators

Manipulation of small materials.Probes available for a wide range of sample manipulations, including Isolating particles, Cutting, Milling off a surface, Nanoliquid deposition, Vacuum for material removal. Arms also be added to FTIR or Raman Microscopes.



Attolight manufactures the leading cathodoluminescence (CL) microscopes and accessories on the market.  These systems have been used for a range of applications, including Micro-LED characterization, Defect Visualization and Counting in Optoelectronic Materials, GaN for Power Electronics, Photovoltaic Materials, Defects in Thin Film Battery Materials and Semiconducting Diamond


Ostec Corporate group is an engineering company that provides a wide range of instruments including Raman Confocal Microscopes, FTIR Spectrometers and Microscopes , LIBS instruments, Nano mechanical Testers, X-ray Microscopes and Vibration Control Tables

About MRS

The increasingly cross-disciplinary worldwide activity in materials research manifests itself every year in the MRS Fall Meeting. Featuring over 50 symposia and attended by as many as 6,000 researchers from every corner of the globe, the annual Fall Meeting in Boston’s Hynes Convention Center and Sheraton Boston Hotel is the preeminent annual event for those in the field of materials research.

Strain Measurement in Microlenses Using an Automated Polariscope

Microlenses are polymer or glass lenses used in a wide range of products, including mobile phone cameras, LED systems, and solar cells. These lenses require high image clarity and optical throughput.

Robust microlens quality control includes an assessment of residual stress throughout the lens. Retardation measurements to assess stress in transparent optics is measured as the phase shift between the polarized component of light along the fast axis compared to that along the slow axis. Generally, retardations are larger in areas where there is greater stress on the optic.

The Luceo LSM-9100S automated polariscope, which provides precise retardation measurements, can measure strain and stress in microlenses.

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Art Photonics GmbH and Ostec Announce Partnership to Promote Sales and Distribution of Spectroscopic Probes; Barnett Technical Services to Handle Sales & Distribution in North America

Elk Grove, CA – art photonics GmbH and Ostec announce today an agreement for Ostec to handle worldwide sales and distribution of near-IR, mid-IR, Raman, and Diffuse Reflectance Scattering/Fluorescence spectroscopic fiber-optic probes manufactured by art photonics.

In North America, sales and distribution will be handled by Ostec’s Distributor, Barnett Technical Services.

Viacheslav Artyushenko, Founder and CTO of art photonics, said “we are pleased to work with Ostec to accelerate the sales and distribution of our products worldwide. This should allow for more scientists and engineers to have access to our leading fiber-optic probes for spectroscopic analysis.”

Andrew Shubin, Vice-President of Ostec, said “Ostec is excited to support the sales activities of art photonics as part of our broader product portfolio in the spectroscopic and analytical instrumentation field.”

Steve Barnett, Founder and President of Barnett Technical Services, said “we have worked with customers who have implement art photonics probes for many years. The opportunity to work closer with Ostec and art photonics in the North American market is very exciting for our business and enables us to offer these excellent products to our customers.” Further information on this agreement will be available from Steve Barnett at Pittcon 2020 (contact info below).

About art photonics GmbH

art photonics GmbH, founded in Berlin in September 1998, is one of the worldwide leaders in development and production of specialty fiber products for a broad spectrum from 300nm to 16µm. Unique technologies of Polycrystalline Mid InfraRed (PIR-) fibers and Metal coated Silica fibers are used for assembly of various spectroscopy probes for medical diagnostics and industrial process control, in volume production of fiber for medical and industrial lasers, for different fiber bundles, etc. https://artphotonics.com.

About Ostec

The Ostec Corporate group is an engineering company that provides complex engineering and consulting services in the field of electronics to improve the efficiency of enterprises and the competitiveness of their products. With experience since 1991 and implementation of a large number of projects, Ostec offers its customers optimal solutions to problems regardless of the stage of development. https://ostec-instruments.com.

About Barnett Technical Services

Barnett Technical Services sells and distributes products for material characterization with a focus on products that utilize spectroscopic and/or microscopic techniques. The company was founded in 2009. https://barnett-technical.com