Electrical Probe Stations

Electrical probe stations serve as a platform for probe head positioning in micromanipulators, which are used for testing of electronic devices. Barnett Technical Services is an authorized distributor of micromanipulators and related tools by Micro Support, which can be combined to form an electrical probe station.

AxisPro for Probing: This micromanipulator probe station can be easily configured with one μm probe-positioning accuracy. In the standard configuration, it is offered with two arms; however, the probe stations can be customized with three or more arms.

QuickPro for Probing Applications: This electrical probe station offers standalone probing for high-precision probe positioning. MicroSupport’s Quick Pro arms can be configured with a white light microscope to provide electrical probing with up to four probes, which can each be positioned with one μm accuracy. Typical images of single probe arms and four-probe configurations are shown below.

Micro Support Single Electrical Probe
Micro Support Quick Pro With Typical Probe Holder
Micro Support Probe Station
Micro Support Four-Probe Station
Micro Support Probe Close Up
Close-up View of Micro Support Four-Probe System


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