Quick Pro

Quick Pro provides individual manipulator arms that can be used with an existing light microscope or with an existing FTIR or Raman microscope. The wide range of Tools are available for use with the Quick Pro.

  • Effortless tasks without fatigue: Utilize XYZ three-axis operation with a PC mouse for precise and smooth movements
  • Seamless integration: Easily set up the system alongside stereomicroscopes and metallurgical microscopes, eliminating the need for a PC
  • Enhanced capabilities: Achieve precise cutting with our “Milling Pro” attachment (MIL-1) and versatile handling with our “Micro Tweezers” (MTW-1).
  • Customizable operations: Optimize work by freely combining right and left-handed operation based on the task’s purpose and frequency
ManipulatorsX-axis:20mm Y-axis:20mm Z-axis:30mm The tool handle(φ4mm) can be clamped.
Stand(Manipulators)Magnet stand With steel plate(100x100 mm) ※Please consult about other fixation methods.
Electric XY-stageX-axis:100mm Y-axis:50mm
User interface controller5 Speed adjustment of four stages 10 Position memory function Jog-drive or Incremental-drive function PC-mouse operation
Power supplyAC100-230V 50/60Hz
Power dissipationmore than 350VA