Confocal Raman Microscopes

Raman microscopy enables high-resolution chemical identification and analysis including 3D imaging of various samples . Barnett Technical Services (BTS) offers a wide range of Raman microscopes from systems that perform routine Raman microscopy to the most advanced Raman microscopes available on the market.BTS offers products manufactured by SOL Instruments, GmbH. They have been producing advanced Raman microscopes since 1989.We offer Confotec® NR500 which is a confocal Raman microscope combined with a scanning probe microscope to facilitate a high nanometric spatial resolution up to 200nm and axial up to 500nm. We take pride in being an authorized distributor of SOL Instruments’ Confocal Raman microscopes, which gives us an opportunity to offer advanced technology-based instruments to our clients across industries.SOL Instruments Ltd. is a manufacturer of technologically advanced instruments for light measuring, elemental analysis and nano-scale microscopy. They produced their first Raman microscope over 25 years as a joint venture with Tokyo Instruments and have been at the forefront of chemical analysis using Raman microscopy.


Confocal microscope Confotec® NR500 is a high-precision, fully automated 3D scanning lase..

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About Raman Microscope Confotec® NR500

The Confotec® NR500 Raman microscope features a specially designed monochromator-spectrograph that delivers exceptional spectral resolution, measuring as fine as 0.006 nm, and maintains astigmatism below 5 µm. The microscope offers a broad spectral range, tailoring its capabilities to nanometer-scale objects, spanning from 50 to 3700 cm-1 for 785 nm, 60 to 6700 cm-1 for 633 nm, and 150 to 10000 cm-1 for 488 nm. This equipment performs simultaneous analyses, including Raman measurements, luminescent measurements, laser reflection, transmission measurements, and even provides 3D high-contrast images in reflected light. It can accommodate up to five lasers by component switching, accepts both inverted and upright microscopes, and features variable magnification. Its spatial and axial resolutions reach up to 200 nm and 500 nm, respectively, while offering options for polarized and transmission measurements.

Advantages of Raman Confocal Microscopy

Confocal Raman microscopy provides a number of advantages over similar techniques for analyzing samples, including:
    • 3D imaging abilities: 3D abilities facilitate better depth profiling in all three axes. Different depths, angles, and layers can be studied by changing the focal plane. This is especially applicable for heterogenous materials, odd-shape objects with thickness variations, and so on.
    • Unique chemical identification of materialRaman Microscopy can often provide the unique identification of a pure material.
    • Requires no sample preparation:In most cases, samples can be measured with no special sample preparation
    • Non- -destructive analysis:Raman spectroscopy is often non-destructive. A sample may be measured with Raman and then another analytical technique may be used for characterization.
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