Confotec® Coherent Anti-Stokes Raman Spectroscopy (CARS) Spectrometer

The Confotec® CARS System is the multifunctional multi-channel 3D scanning laser microscope-spectrometer. Confotec® CARS is intended for simultaneous and multifunctional analysis: high-speed imaging by CARS signal; confocal Raman imaging; confocal fluorescence imaging; confocal imaging in the reflected laser radiation; high-contrast imaging in the transmitted laser radiation; as well as visualization of a surface profile by means of the second harmonics generation signal.

Microscope Confotec® CARS combines in one system:

  • CARS scanning microscope
  • Raman/luminescent scanning confocal microscope
  • Conventional scanning confocal laser microscope

  • High sensitivity: CARS generates more intensive and directed signals in comparison to spontaneous Raman microscopy.
  • The anti-Stokes CARS signal is detected in a spectral range free from fluorescence
  • CARS signal is registered only in a focus where excitation intensity is the highest. It allows imaging with a high spatial resolution using non-confocal pinholes and also performs 3D layer-by-layer scanning with minimal neighboring layers influence on measuring results.
  • Spectral resolution of CARS signal is defined only by the width of pumping lasers lines, what simplifies spectral measurements, as detection of CARS signals can be performed without any spectral instrument.
  • CARS signal is proportional to the squared molecule concentration, it allows using CARS (along with the selectivity and noninvasivity of the method) for quantitative measurements of chemical substance concentration in a sample.
  • Minimal invasive (nondestructive) CARS method for biological samples. Due to the high sensitivity of CARS method molecules in living cells can be detected without fluorescent markers.