Confotec® Uno

Compact microscope Confotec® Uno

The new Confotec® Uno confocal Raman microscope from SOL instruments is a compact device with one built-in laser, either of 532 nm or 785 nm wavelength , with a telescope and a single-channel imaging spectrometer on 120-mm vertical optical platform and a 4096-pixel linear CCD detector that allows to obtain high resolution spectra and high-efficiency light collection

  • High sensitivity – third-order silicon peak detection.
  • High spectral resolution.
  • Long-term stability in operation without additional adjustment of the device.
  • Due to a one-piece monobloc design, Confotec® Uno does not require an optical table and can also be easily transported without the need for further adjustment.
  • Guaranteed reliability: no moving parts in the device, spectrum automatic calibration provides long-term stability of the device and reproducibility of measurement results.
  • Easy to use: just place a sample and select an area of interest; a smooth adjustment of a laser power is provided for a user convenience.