High Precision Confotec® MR200 confocal Raman microscope

Confotec® MR200 is a compact high-precision and cost-effective confocal Raman microscope ideally suited for routine measurements and scientific research. The true confocal optical layout with a set of automatically switchable confocal diaphragms (pinholes) allows for a spectral analysis of micro-particles or Raman imaging of macro-objects with very high spatial resolution.

The Confotec® MR200 system belongs to the most advanced confocal Raman microscopes produced by SOL instruments, where we have successfully combined the latest innovations in optoelectronics and the 25-years-long experience in spectroscopy and manufacturing.

  • Highest sensitivity; fully automated and compact.
  • Modular design, configuration upon a customer’s request.
  • High spectral resolution which is comparable to that of the most expensive and powerful Raman systems on the market.
  • Laser beam expander module for optimization of focused laser beam spot.
  • Long-term reliability and stability in operation, there is no need for any adjustments.
  • Autofocus system as an option.