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Surface Stress Meters (Orihara)


Surface Stress Meters
Measure Depth of Layer and Compressive Strain through an optical waveguide method in a rapid, simple system.

Handheld version available for sampling of larger glass.

Surface Stress Meter Page

Scattered Light Photoelastic Stress Meter (Orihara)

Scattered Light Photoelastic Measurements
Laser-based scattering allows for measurements on curved glass.

Data can be combined with FSM-6000 results to provide profile of stress through glass.

Also available as the SRP-2000 which combines scattered light and surface stress measurements in one system.


LSM 9000 LE
LSM 9000 LE

Stress Measurements Through Glass and Other Transparent Materials
Rapid measurements for mobile phone glass, lenses, and other optics.

Measure optical retardations up to 3100 nm with the LSM-9100!

NEW: Near-IR polariscopes for measurements through plastics.

Visit the Polariscope Page

Failure Analysis – Micro Sample Handling

Micro Support Axis Pro Micromanipulator for Precise Micro Sample Handling. Provides isolation of defects and particles for failure analysis

For a video on system operation, click the link below:

Micro Support Video

Check out our Steve’s Solutions Application Note illustrating particle isolation with the Micro Support Axis Pro! Click here for more information.

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