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IROS 05 Series FTIR Spectrometers

IROS 05 FTIR spectrometer is designed to provide the wide range of sample measurement techniques in the most challenging environments from the laboratory to the pilot plant. Compact size, reasonable price for unique set of accessories and high performance – these advantages of IROS 05 Spectrometer allow it to fit to most of research and field tasks as a mid-level spectrometer for academic and industrial applications.

Mean Features:

  • Wide array of functions due to various attached modules and detectors.
  • Capability of additional external devices connection for IR spectrum registration.
  • Stability to temperature fluctuation and vibration due to unique patented interferometer design.
  • Moisture durability because of ZnSe optics
  • Compact and light-weight.

Click here for the IROS 05 FTIR page on the Ostec website.

IROS 01 FTIR spectrometer

IROS FTIR spectrometers have a unique “double cat’s eye” interferometer patented 1993.

Advantages over classical Michelson interferometer:

  • Resistance to misalignment. There is no need to compensate thermal drifts and vibrations misalignments
  • High beamsplitter resolution
  • The angle of incidence for beam splitter is 90°. It allows avoiding polarization effects, angle of incidence for Michelson
    interferometers are 45° or 30°  

Wide range of optional modules

IROS M2 wide-range IR microscope

IROS M2 wide-range IR microscope combined with IROS 01 FTIR spectrometer

Spectrum registration modes:

  • Transmission
  • Reflection (Specular and ATR)

Min. linear sample size: 5 – 10 µm

Two built-in detectors:

  • MCT with nitrogen cooling
  • MG-32M (DLaTGS analog)

Simultaneous spectrum registration and sample monitoring  

Click here to view the IROS M2/M3 Spectrometer page on the Ostec Website.

IROS M3 wide-range IR microscope

The microscope is mounted outside the cuvette compartment close to the spectrometer. The visual channel is overlaying with IR channel for sample observation (aiming) and IR spectrum registration.

Main characteristics:

  • Spectra registration of micro-objects up to 5 µm in transmission, specular reflection and ATR (with suitable objectives) modes.
  • Spectral range: 600 – 6 000 cm-1 (with MCT detector)
  • Min. resolution: 0.5 cm-1
  • Signal-to-noise ratio: ≥ 20 000 (1 min, resolution 4 cm-1, range 2 000 – 2 200 cm-1)
  • Motorized sample stage with autofocus system and mapping mode according to programmed parameters. Step: 2.5 µm
  • Revolver mechanism with changeable lenses
  • IR objective 15x
  • Visual objectives 4x, 10x, 36x or 60x
  • ATR (attenuated total reflection) objective 36x or 60x
  • Highly sensitive MCT detector with liquid nitrogen cooling
  • Additional MG-32 detector (DLaTGS analog) for operation without liquid nitrogen
  • Simultaneous operation in IR spectra registration mode and visual sample observation mode
  • Adjustable and rectangular diaphragms to identify IR spectrum registration area
  • Built-in video camera (2 MPX, USB)

Click here to view the IROS M2/M3 Spectrometer page on the Ostec Website.

IROS P Series – FTIR spectrometers based on Michelson interferometer

  • Michelson interferometer with self-compensation, no dynamic adjustment needed.
  • Radiation source – nichrome-ceramics / halogen lamp.
  • Beamsplitter – KBr/Ge / CaF2/Ge, optical windows and beamsplitter moisture-proof coating.
  • Detector – pyroelectric DLaTGS detector / InGaAs or Si photodiodes.
  • Internal calibration – He-Ne laser.
  • Purge system – CDA or nitrogen for CO2 and H2O vapour noise minimization.
  • Recording system – 24-bit A/D converter with amplifiers and antinoise filters.

Main characteristics:

  • Spectrometers product range with resolution up to 0,1 cm-1
  • High sensitivity, rapid response
  • Automated measurements, easy to use
  • Wide range of accessories
  • Application software for common tasks 

For More information

Click here to view the IROS P Series page on the Ostec Website.

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