MicroSupport's innovative micromanipulators are revolutionizing micro sample handling in R&D and industry. These systems provide exceptional motion control, allowing for precise manipulation of microscopic objects.

Imagine retrieving microscopic particles with pinpoint accuracy, or processing specific areas on a sample – MicroSupport makes it possible. This technology is ideal for a wide range of applications, from removing foreign contaminants in electronics and pharmaceuticals to analyzing minute crystals. By combining a microscope, a micromanipulator, specialized micro-tools, and a stable environment, MicroSupport offers unparalleled performance.

Barnett Technical Services, an authorized distributor, provides access to this comprehensive suite of micromanipulators and tools, empowering you to tackle even the most demanding tasks involving micro-objects.

To download a catalog of Micro Support micromanipulator products, please go to this link: Micro Support Product Catalog


Benchtop micromanipulator incorporating a zoom microscope and motorized sampling arms...

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Individual micromanipulator arm that can be added to a white light microscope...

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Automated grain/particle sorting and collection system...

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Micro Support’s Quick Pro arms enable electrical probing on up to four probes...

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