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Laboratory X-ray microscope-microprobe

XROS MF30 – laboratory X-ray microscope-microprobe for studies of the objects by the methods of the optical microscopy, radiography, local element XRF microanalysis with the possibility of the element mapping.

Instrument features:

  • microfocus X-ray tube
  • polycapillary lens for making of an x-ray probe with the variable size
  • set of primary radiation filters 
  • video-camera for selection of the analysis area 
  • optical digital microscope for investigation of the analysis area
  • optical microscope axis combined with an x-ray probe axis
  • automated system for selection of the work distance
  • automated X, Y-coordinate sample stage for positioning and scanning of the analysis area
  • automated movement of the analytical unit along Z-axis 
  • detector for radiographic studies 
  • silicon drift detector for local XRF analysis 
  • evacuated measuring chamber for the analysis of light elements
  • built-in autonomous system for water-cooling of an X-ray tube

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