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The Nanoro M is a cutting edge light microscope which can break the optical diffraction limit using the Super-Resolution Microsphere Amplifying Lens (SMAL).

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A microsphere is a tiny bead of glass which acts as an optical amplifier. The novel lens technology places a microsphere between standard optics and your sample. The sphere collects non-propagating evanescent waves (normally visible only in the near-field) and projects them into the far-field. The software suite, twinned with a nano-precision stage, automatically stitches the image together, creating wide area scans of your sample rapidly and in real time.

Unrivaled Optical Imaging

SMAL is the only purely optical imaging technique which was resolve features down to 50 nm in size. You get all the benefits of optical microscopy, the ease and speed of use, the high throughput, with the benfits of super-resolution. The NANORO M allows you to use multiple lenses at once, allowing you to rapidly swap between objective lenses and and SMAL.

SMAL super resolution shows amazing detail.


You can now get the unrivaled optical resolution from SMAL with or without oil immersion. The new SMAL air lens works with your existing Nanoro system.

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