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Micro Support offers bench top micromanipulators where strict precision and quality control are required.  Many users incorporate these systems for Failure Analysis applications with many others incorporating these systems for R&D applications where micro sampling is needed.  Typical examples include work in the areas of polymers/plastics, petrochemicals, electronics, semiconductors, and biotech/medical applications.

You may download the product catalog to learn about all the micro manipulator options and tools.

You can also see a video of the system in action

Axis Pro SS

Axis Pro

Axis Pro is a bench top micromanipulator that incorporated a zoom microscope with accurate manipulation arms.

System operation takes place through a PC mouse.  Some manipulations that may be performed with this system:

– Ability to move particles as small as 1 µm,
– Remove material from a surface,
– Use tweezers to pick up material,
– Lift-out of FIB foils for TEM,
– Easily load a diamond anvil cell (DAC),
– Record images and video of all manipulations.

Axis Pro FC

For a broader view of tools, please see the Micro Support Tools page.

Quick Pro

Quick Pro provides individual manipulator arms that can be used with an existing light microscope or with an existing FTIR or Raman microscope.  The wide range of Tools are available for use with the Quick Pro.


The definitive edition of pinpoint marking.

Click to watch the D-MARK video and read more about it.

Steve’s Solutions

To view the micromanipulator in action, visit the Steve’s Solutions article featuring this instrument.

Steve's SolutionsFailure Analysis and Particle Isolation in a Post-Covid-19 World
Steve's SolutionsPrecise Liquid micro manipulation on Various Surfaces
Steve's SolutionsMicro Support micro manipulator for Separation of Paint Layers in Trace Analysis.

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