BTS works with a number of vendors with applications in geology. These include:

Raman Microscopes for Mineral Identification

Elemental Analysis Using LIBS

  • SOL Instruments manufactures a LIBS system for the rapid analysis of elemental composition in solids. LIBS is particularly well-suited to the measurement of light elements and the Ostec system also allows for sampling in a vacuum which is particularly valuable for measurements on sulfur.

Benchtop Micromanipulator for Diamond Anvil Cell (DAC) Loading

  • The Micro Support Axis Pro micromanipulator allows for precise micro sampling. This system is particularly useful for Diamond Anvil Cell (DAC) loading. Further information on the Micro Support Axis Pro may be found here:

Benchtop Micromanipulator for Grain Separation

The Micro Support Axis Pro has also been used to produce an automated grain separation system called Collection Pro. This has applicability for separation of grains such as forams. More information on this product may be found at the Micro Support product page: