Thermal Conductivity, Thermal Diffusivity, and Anisotropy Measurements

Hot Cell/Heat Capacity Sampling Accessories

Isolation of Particles in Battery Separator and General Particle Isolation

  • The Micro Support Axis Pro micromanipulator provides capabilities for precise particle isolation from a range of samples.  This system is particularly valuable for isolating particles that clog the pores of separator materials in Li-ion batteries.
  • A Steve’s Solutions illustrating particle isolation may be found here:

Raman Microscopy of Cathode and Anode Materials

  • The degradation of cathode and anode materials can be well characterized by Raman microscopy and imaging. Specifically, the degradation of cathode materials can produce various cobalt oxides.  Overcharging can produce CoO2which can be detected by Raman microscopy.   For anodes, graphite degradation can be characterized by measuring the graphite D and G bands (both are Raman active).
  • SOL Instruments’ Raman microscopes provide strong capabilities for characterizing these materials.  More information on these microscopes may be found on our SOL Instruments Raman microscopes page: