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Micro Support’s Axis Pro and Quick Pro micro-manipulators are available with a wide range of applications.  A sampling of tools is shown below:

Tool Manipulation Accessories

Super Fine Pitch Rotator Tool rotation mechanism that facilitates lifting of materials and sample holders.
Milling Pro Tool for cutting and muilling the surface of a material.
Microtweezers Tool to hold and pull a material.
Vacuum Adsorption Tool Set Tool set to pick up and discharge a material on the surface.
Micro injector Tool for injecting a very small volume of liquid onto a surface.
Electrode Holder Arms for electrical probing.
Probe Bender Accessory for bending Probes to specific angles.

Micro Tools

Tungsten Probe
Tungsten probes can be used for a wide range of uses such as cutting, rubbing, and milling.  Probes are available in a range of diameters (from 0.5 µm to 30 µm).
Tungsten Carbide Probe Extremely hard tools that are available in a variety of shapes.
Micro Knives Knives (made of stainless steel or ruby) provide a sharper tip for material marking or excision.
Glass Tools Glass micro-pipettes, glass probes and glass pressing tools.

Holding Tools

Sphere Vice Vice to hold a sample in a fixed position..
Pocket Vice Vice for holding square/rectangular objects in position.
Specimen Weight Metallic ring fold holding films in place before manipulation.
Grip Sheet Thin film for immobilizing material on a surface.  Grip sheet does not contain adhesive that could contaminate a sample.
Tilting Unit Holder that places material at a fixed angle.  Allows for cutting or other manipulations at a known angle.
Precision Tweezers Tweezers used with Microtweezer tool manipulation accessory (shown above).

For more information on Micro Support products, please contact us.  You may also learn more by going to the Micro Support web site.

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