Tungsten Carbide Probe

  • Multi-purpose hard metal probes suitable for poking, breaking in between substances, cutting, scraping, marking, and more. It is available in various shapes e.g., probe, knife, scraper, and fork.
  • 5μm probes allow for precise cutting of hard materials like metal, silicon wafers, and glass, as well as marking targets before FIB processing.
  • Micro-peelers, with their sculpting knife-like tips, offer a wide range of material compatibility, suitable for flat-surface cutting of polymer like high-barrier films, as well as removing small embedded particles, eliminating micro-protrusions, pinpoint cutting of IC bonding wires, and cutting tiny wires.
  • Knife-edged probes are effective for collecting foreign substances embedded in tablets and extracting foreign objects buried in non-ferrous metals, hard plastics, etc. It can also be used for ultra-fine marking.


Foreign objects can be sampled by scraping or shaving only the adhered foreign substances without destroying the base material


Axis Pro is applicable for deburr without making any damages on the base material.


Precise surface marking on hard materials, including glass, silicon wafers, and metals facilitated by hard metal tools


Hard metal tools are available to make microscopic markings on hard materials such as metal.

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