• Versatile knives made of SUS (stainless steel) and ruby, suitable for cutting, incising, scraping, and notching substances. Different shapes are offered such as single-edge, double-edge, and scraper blades.
  • We offer single-edge, double-edge, and flat-edge types optimized for manipulation purposes.
  • The single-edge type allows pinpoint cutting of high polymer films and similar materials.
  • The double-edge type is effective for excavating buried foreign objects using its tip.
  • The ruby flat-edge type is recommended for inclined cutting of buried foreign objects, facilitating their exposure and continuous sectioning.


Capable of cutting small protrusions and exposing embedded objects on the cutting surface


Semi-automatic cutting of designated areas using Axis Pro


Semi – automated surface cutting operations enabled by Axis Pro`s control program


Precise cutting can be performed when sampling film cutout portion with modified properties or embedded foreign particles.