Nanoro Super Resolution

Super Resolution Microscopy under 100 nm With the Nanoro M Microscope

The Nanoro M benchtop super-resolution microscope offers spatial resolutions under 100 nm! No Oil or Water required. This can be as a stand alone or with an add-on objective.

Some typical images may be seen below:

The following image shows the Nanoro M super resolution microscope is used to image 50 nm features on a semiconductor device.

The Nanoro M Benchtop Super-Resolution Microscope Offers Spatial Resolutions under 100 Nm. This can be used for Imaging Semiconductor Devices, Graphene, Geological Samples, And Many Others

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The Nanoro M has been used for imaging semiconductor devices, graphene, geological samples, and many others. Contact us to discuss your imaging needs!

The Nanoro M high-resolution imaging capabilities can now be added to Nikon LV microscopes and other white light microscopes. For more information, please contact us!