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LSM  Series Polariscopes are fully automatic 2D-measuring devices which measure retardation values and the direction of a slow axis in a transparent body having strain and exhibiting birefringence.

The Fullauto StrainEye makes it possible to start measuring immediately by only putting a sample on the polarizer. Retardation values and the direction of the slow axis can be measured easily. Since the direction of retardation and a slow axis are 2D-displayed on a monitor, those direction states are recognized immediately by the operator.

This device is connected with a PC, and it is simple to save not only the scan data, images, 3d images and numerical data. With the free viewer software additional technicians can review the scans on  their own pcs.

The software allows for additional analysis including setting limits on results and a 3d visualizer that lets you see the data as a 3d model that you can rotates in all directions.

With the use of super-luminescent LED as a light source, this detector is designed for long life and low power consumption.


The LSM-9001 LE has a larger view area that can accommodate samples that are up to 200x mm x 200mm.


Circulary polarizing plate sizeW200☓D200mm
Sample placement space height0~130mm
Inspection Method590nm
Repeat accraryσ=1nm
Measurement area size200☓200mm
Effective pixels1100☓1100
OtherLight Source:high-luminanceLED
PowerSorce:AC100~240V 50/60Hz DC input 24V 1.6A


The sample size can vary from 10mm x 10mm to 60mm x 60mm based on being equipped with x6 magnification optical zoom lens for taking images.


Circulary polarizing plate sizeW70☓D70mm
Sample placement space height0~70mm
Inspection MethodRotating analyzer method
Setting Wavelength590nm
Repeat accraryσ=1nm
Measurement area sizeVariable (60×60~10×10mm)
Effective pixels1100☓1100
OtherLight Source:high-luminanceLED
PowerSorce:AC 100~240V 50/60Hz  DC input 24V 1.6A ,38W

LSM-9100W + LSM-9100Ws

The 9100W line of products has a wider range of retardation that can be tested up to 3,000 nm.

150mm diameter of sample measurement area of LSM-9100W is suitable for measuring large samples. The LSM-9100WS  is equipped with a built-in 6-times zoom lens that magnifies small samples.


Measurement object placement space (height)LSM-9100W : Max 160 mm
LSM-9100WS : Max 115 mm
Measurable range0~3,000nm (Retardation)
Inspection MethodRGB Linear Polarization Method
Measurement Wavelength420 ~ 680nm
Measurement area sizeLSM-9100W : ⌀ 150 mm
LSM-9100WS : Variable with zoom lens
1. Standard : 60 × 60 ~ 10 × 10 mm
2. Option : 30 × 30 ~ 5 × 5 mm
(× 2 Extension lens addition mounting)
Effective pixels1100☓1100
OtherLight Source:high-luminanceLED
PowerSorce:AC100~240V 50/60Hz DC input 24V 1.6A
Accessory:Main body cover
OS:Windows10 (64bit)

Luceo Range of Polariscopes


 In addition to the automated polariscopes noted above, Luceo manufactures a range of other polarization measurement systems. Further details may be found in the catalog linked below.

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