Equipped with 6 times optical zoom lens Fullauto StrainEye LSM-9002S is a fully automatic 2D-measuring device which measures retardation values and the direction of a slow axis in a transparent body having strain and birefringence therein. In order to measure direction and birefringence, conventionally the visual observation type polariscope using the Senarmont method is used. This instrument is suitable for measuring small samples since possible picture area is optionally variable from 60mm x 60mm to 10mm x 10mm based on being equipped with x6 magnification optical zoom lens for taking images.

Circularly polarizing plate sizeW70☓D70mm
Sample placement space height0~70mm
Inspection MethodRotating analyzer method
Setting Wavelength590nm
Repeat accuracyσ=1nm
Measurement area sizeVariable (60×60~10×10mm)
Effective pixels1100☓1100
OtherLight Source:high-luminanceLED
PowerSorce:AC 100~240V 50/60Hz  DC input 24V 1.6A ,38W
Accessory:AC/DC adapter, Main body cover
OS:Windows11 Pro(64bit) Japanese/English