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Barnett Technical Services has entered the FedEx Small Business Grant Contest. To see our entry page, and to vote for us, please click the FedEx BTS Entry Page Link. You can vote every 24 hours until March 24th (the end of the voting period).

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On the entry page, you can learn more about us in our short video. You can also see the video below.

We work with a wide variety of technologies and companies. For microplastics detection, the best methods will include filtering microplastics out of water and measuring each microplastic particle by Raman spectroscopy, a laser-based technique that can uniquely identify the chemical composition of each particle. While this technique is very powerful, it is relatively slow and the widespread implementation of this technology for this application would be very expensive. We have identified a unique type of Raman instrumentation that would allow for icr-plastic particle measurement in a rapid, cost-effective manner for this important application.

Barnett Technical Services works at InnoGrove in Elk Grove, CA. InnoGrove is a coworking space supported by the City of Elk Grove.

How Will This Help Our Company and the Average Person?

Microplastics (plastic particles smaller than the visible eye) in our environment are a growing problem. There are some problems with us (and animals) ingesting them because of the plastics themselves but these plastics also hold toxins that can the be digested in our body.

The State of California is leading a study on the best methods to detect microplastics (we are involved in this study). As we have been involved, we have come up with a modification on the traditional ways to looking for these microplastics. Success in this contest would help us develop this new solution.

In many senses, supporting us is different than supporting the restaurant in your neighborhood (which is also very valuable!). Our benefit is more for the broader society in helping our technology get to market. This will help in the development of solutions to reduce microplastics in our environment.

Micro Support benchtop micromanipulators

Ostec Raman microscopes and handheld Raman systems

ABB Greenhouse gas analyzers

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Video produced by Peter Hansell and Steve Barnett

Narration by Kristin Berkery

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