We are very excited to be attending SciX 2017 in Reno, NV.

We will be at booth #66 representing a number of products:

Axis Pro Micromanipulator

Micro Support Micromanipulators

Manipulation of small materials.Probes available for a wide range of sample manipulations, including:

  • Isolating particles
  • Cutting
  • Milling off a surface
  • Nanoliquid deposition
  • Vacuum for material removal

Arms also be added to FTIR or Raman Microscopes

Talys Near-IR  Process Monitoring System
Talys Near-IR  Process Monitoring System

ABB FT-IR/Near-IR Systems

FT-IR/Near-IR/ICOS Systems

Mid-IR and Near-IR systems designed for benchtop and process monitoring applications.

Los Gatos Research ICOS gas sensors for rapid ppb-level detection.


Tornado Raman Systems – Booth 99

Tornado’s HyperFlux PRO Plus

Tornado’s HyperFlux PRO Plus is the first Raman spectroscopy system with enough speed and sensitivity to be broadly deployed for real-time process monitoring, control, and optimization.

HyperFlex PRO Plus includes a proprietary HTVS-enabled spectrometer with an order of magnitude improvement in optical throughput, a high-quality stabilized laser, and numerous features to ensure safety and stability.
This powerful, reliable, and easy-to-use instrument is a perfect solution for both process and laboratory settings
Helma Reva
Need a simple, robust system to teach Raman spectroscopy? The Hellma Reva Educational Raman Instrument is your solution!

Hellma Education Raman Systems – Booth 66

Need a simple, robust system to teach Raman spectroscopy?  The Hellma Reva Educational Raman Instrument is your solution!

The Reva is a simple, sensitive Raman system that includes a MarqMetrix BallProbe® and pre-written lesson plans (including samples!) for easy implementation into your teaching curriculum.

The Reva also includes all critical components for laser safety and a robust software routine for spectral analysis.

Stop by and see the Reva at SciX

About SciX 2017, October 8-13, 2017 in Reno, NV

Leading researchers will convene to present their cutting edge developments in analytical sciences, instrumentation and unique applications.  The meeting hosts a world class exhibition, presentations from leading scientists, educational courses, and many networking opportunities.

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