ISTFA 2022: Oct 30 – Nov 3

Please join us in Pasadena California, on October 30th to November 4, for ISTFA 2022. This is always a great show and we are looking forward to meeting with friends and making new ones. Please visit us at Booth #508.

We will be at there representing a number of products:

Micro Support Micromanipulators

Axis Pro Micromanipulator

Microscope/micromanipulator system to easily perform sample manipulations as small as 1 micron.  Probes available for a wide range of sample manipulations, including electrical probing, isolating particles, cutting, milling off a surface, micro tweezers, and vacuum for particle transfer.

Arms also be added to FTIR or Raman Microscopes.


The Nanoro M is a cutting edge light microscope which can break the optical diffraction limit using the Super-Resolution Microsphere Amplifying Lens (SMAL). Nanoro M benchtop super resolution microscope for imaging of semiconductor circuits with resolution under 100 μm.

About ISFA 2022, Oct 30 – Nov 3, Pasadena Convention Center

Plan today to attend ISTFA 2022! The 47rd International Symposium for Testing and Failure Analysis (ISTFA). This year’s theme is ‘ Chasing Ever Smaller and More Elusive Defects’

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