Near Infrared Polariscope

The LSM-9001NIR fully automatic polarimeter for low phase difference products such as semiconductor wafers. This remarkable new technology allows for stress inspection of previously impossible materials.


With the NIR instrument you can now look for stress in the following materials

  • Silicon Wafers
  • Silicon [Si]
  • Silicon Carbide[SiC]
  • Gallium Nitride [GaN]
  • Glass wafer
  • Transparent and colored resin products
  • Crystallized Quartz / Quartz / Optical crystals
The Si disc is opaque to white light (left) but is clear to the NIR scan (right).

The Luceo LSM-9101NIR is an automated polariscope that provides precise retardation measurements with image resolutions as small as 10 microns per pixel. Polarized source light is passed through a transmitting optical material and then passed through an analyzing polarizer and onto a detector. Rotation of the analyzing polarizer through a range of angles allows for calculation of the retardation at different areas of the optical component being measured.

LSM-9001NIR with operating computer


Inspection MethodNIR Rotating Analyzer Method
Measurement Range (approx.)0~150nm (Retardation)
Measurement area size (approx.)  50×50mm
Measurement object placement space (height)Max 160mm
SizeW300 ☓ D353 ☓ H540 mm
Weight22 kg
OthersLight Source:high-luminanceLED
PowerSorce:AC100~240V 50/60Hz DC input 24V 1.6A
Accessory:Main body cover
OS:Windows10 Pro (64bit) 



LSM-9100W NIR scan of a plastic molded iPhone case

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