Weights for Sample Compression

Up to 800°C

These weights are used for pressuring soft sample materials during testing. They are intended primarily for testing thin film samples (with the Thin Film Measurement Module), where they work to reduce the thermal contact resistance between the Hot Disk® sensor and the two thin film sample pieces. The weights can also be used to study the properties of soft bulk materials as a function of pressure. The weights are then stacked to vary the pressure.

Weights for Sample Compression
Temperature rangeUp to 800°C
Diameter64 mm (option 1) and 80 mm (option 2)
Height51 mm (option 1) and 63 mm (option 2)
Weight1.32 kg (option 1) and 2.58 kg (option 2)
Pressure12.9 N (option 1) and 25.3 N (option 2)