Sample Holder for Solids

Ambient  600°C

This convenient benchtop sample holder is primarily intended for bulk sample testing at room temperature. It can, however, be modified to accommodate ambient temperatures up to 600°C. This allows for the usage in environmental chambers or larger furnaces.

Sample Holder for Solids
Temperature rangeAmbient  600°C, or up to 600°C with stainless steel feet
Maximum sample size
Thickness40 mm, single piece (option 1) 70 mm, single piece (option 2)
Width130 mm (option 1) 220 mm (option 2)
LengthUnlimited (option 1 and 2)
Sample holderStainless steel
FeetRubber (stainless steel on request)
Dimensions (height x diameter)120 mm x 200 mm (option 1) 220 mm x 290 mm (option 2)
Weight3.5 kg (option 1) 7.0 kg (option 2)