Sample Holder for Liquids

-60°C to 180°C

This sample holder is intended for testing liquids, including ones with very low viscosity (such as Toluene). Testing liquids is somewhat challenging, as the heating from the sensor can introduce natural convection in the relevant liquid, especially regarding low-viscosity liquids, which disturbs the measurement results. To minimize this disturbance the sample volume should be small, and hence the sensors will be of modest size. We therefore recommend the use of our Kapton-insulated Hot Disk® sensor models 5465 and 7577, having double-spiral diameters of 6.4 mm and 4.0 mm, respectively, for testing liquids. For reactive samples, our Teflon-insulated Hot Disk sensor models 5465 and 7577 (with some customization) can also be used.

Sample Holder for Liquids
Temperature range-60°C to 180°C
Recommended sensor modelsKapton-insulated Hot Disk® sensor models 5501 (no insert), 5465 (option 1) and 7577 (option 2), and Teflon-insulated (for reactive samples) Hot Disk® sensor models 5465 (option 1) and 7577 (option 2) (with some customization)
Liquid cell
Volume9.8 ml (no insert), 1.8 ml (option 1) and 0.28 ml (option 2)
Diameter25 mm (no insert), 15 mm (option 1) and 15 mm (option 2)
Thickness20 mm (no insert), 10 mm (option 1) and 1.6 mm (option 2)
MaterialAluminum, stainless steel, and teflon
Dimensions (height x width x depth)278 mm x 80 mm x 81 mm
Weight1.8 kg