RETAX is the wavelength phase difference plate which bonded a wavelength film with the birefringence together by holding between the substrate of which optical characteristics such as quartz and optical glass are excellent.
Rich types such as 1/4 wavelength, 1/2 wavelength, 1/8 wavelength, sensitive color have been prepared. And, it also responds to the request of optional the wavelength phase difference plate from the visibility in the infrared region.

Item numberRETAX-1/4λ-○○○○-10 RETAX-1/4λ-○○○○-20 RETAX-1/4λ-○○○○-30 ※The wavelength of hope goes into blank part. (Unit:Å Angstroms)
Option*Without axis marks to indicate an optical axis direction. If you need them, please contact us. *Please ask about size and shape other than standard products. For example, in case of inch size, we customize size by changing inch to meter. *Please ask about the mass production.