Anisotropic Measurement Module

With our add-on Anisotropic Measurement Module, the Hot Disk® Instrument user can measure the direction dependent Thermal Conductivity, Thermal Diffusivity, and Thermal Effusivity of an anisotropic sample, whether a crystalline or polycrystalline material, laminate, fiber material, adhesive, film stack, foil stack, insulator, etc. Samples with 2D or 3D anisotropy, i.e. of an uniaxial or biaxial medium, can be analyzed.

TPS 3500, TPS 2500 S0.005 to 1500 W/m/K
TPS 2200, TPS 10000.01 to 500 W/m/K
TPS 15000.01 to 50 W/m/K