Continuous-Flow Cryostat

-195°C (78 K) to Ambient

This floor-standing cryostat uses a continuous flow of liquid nitrogen from a storage dewar for cooling, and a resistive wire element for heating. The system consists of four separated parts: a cylindrically shaped vacuum chamber, with a liquid nitrogen vessel on top, both integrated into a floor-stand; a temperature control unit; a turbomolecular pump; and a self-pressurized dewar.

Vacuum Chamber
Volume5 liters
Height205 mm
Diameter245 mm
Maximum sample size
Thickness35 mm (one of two identical pieces)
Width80 mm
Length80 mm
Vacuum level0.07 mbar
Cooling systemLiquid nitrogen, continuous flow
Heating systemWire heating element
Minimum-195°C (78 K)
Stability±0.1°C (±0.1 K)
Volume30 liters
Pressure1.5 bar
Supply voltage
Temperature control unit230 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 1 Phase
Turbomolecular pump100-230 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 1 Phase
Power rating
Temperature control unit
Temperature control unit1.7/0.85 A
Temperature control unitUSB type B connector (female)
Dimensions (height x width x depth)
Vacuum chamber (with floor-stand)820 mm x 600 mm x 450 mmm
Temperature control unit100 mm x 220 mm x 380 mmm
Turbomolecular pump320 mm x 400 mm x 350 mmm
Dewar1150 mm x 450 mm x 450 mmm
Temperature chamber (with floor-stand)44 kg
Temperature control unit3 kg
Turbomolecular pump17 kg
Dewar29 kg
CE markingIn progress