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Electron Paramagnetic Resonance (EPR) spectroscopy is a method for studying the structure, dynamics, and spatial distribution of unpaired electronic matter. It can provide in-situ and non-destructive information such as electron spins, orbits and nuclei at the micro-scale.  For more details on EPR spectroscopy, click here.

CIQTEK EPR Spectrometers possess a number of valuable features, including:

– Comprehensive functions, suitable for general continuous wave and pulse EPR measurement
– Diverse experimental setups to meet measurement needs such as light, low temperature, and corners
– Magnetic field uniformity better than 10 ppm with stability better than 10 mG/h
– Microwave pulse time resolution up to 50 ps, improving spectral line resolution in pulse mode
– High-performance solid- state power amplifier: 450 W output power
– Unlimited number of pulse sequences, suitable for dynamic multi-pulse decoupling technology
– High-performance pulsed EPR probe with π / 2 pulses down to 8 ns

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