Kapton Sensors

Our Kapton-insulated sensors are the most versatile in the Hot Disk sensor portfolio, employed at temperatures from -253 °C (20 K) to 400 °C. They are mechanically highly flexible, and frequently attain a lifetime of several years when employed with care. The Kapton-insulated Hot Disk® sensors are available in seventeen models of different radii to date, catering to a wide range of sample sizes and topical applications.

Sensor model:Radius (mm):
7531 *0.5
7577 *2.0
7577Q */**2.0 with extended Kapton
5465Q **3.2 with extended Kapton
5501Q **6.4 with extended Kapton
8563L ***9.9 with extended leads
4922L ***14.6 with extended leads
5599L ***29.5 with extended leads
* Not suitable for anisotropic measurements. ** For special applications and easier suspension in liquids or melts. *** Intended for large or high-conducting samples.