Hot Disk TPS 1000

The Hot Disk® TPS 1000 is a powerful instrument for QC testing, measuring Thermal Transport Properties at very high precision. The TPS 1000 is scalable, where in its most basic configuration it functions primarily as a price-attractive simple Thermal Conductivity meter for 1D (through-plane) testing. Yet the TPS 1000 can also be used as a dedicated Specific Heat Capacity meter. In an upgraded configuration, the instrument can also be used as an advanced Thermal Conductivity, Thermal Diffusivity, and Thermal Effusivity meter, with performance and capability close to our TPS 2200 laboratory instrument. In other words tackles millimeter-thick bulk samples, measures Thermal Conductivity from 0.01 to 500 W/m/K, handles a temperature range from -100 °C to 750 °C, and be used to analyse the anisotropic thermal transport properties of uniaxial materials. The TPS 1000 meets ISO 22007-2 and is CE marked.