Nanoindenter applications

Ostec offers the NIOS which permits nano indentation measurements with many advanced capabilities for materials characterization.

All NIOS system include a wide-range nanoindenter module with a scanning nanoindenter module, and a number of addition options include:

  • Optical Microscope
  • Atomic Force Microscope
  • Scanning nanomechanical tester
  • Electrical Properties Measurement
  • Lateral Force Sensor
  • In-situ Topography Imaging
  • Heating Stage

The optical microscope generates a full optical image of the sample surface, including video imaging directly during measurements. This permits visual identification of sample changes during the indentation and scratching procedures. When combined with the transparent probe, this allows for:

Direct observation of processes underneath the indenter during nano-mechanical testing (both indentation and scratching),

Selection of measurement area by directly viewing an image of the surface under the tip,

Time savings since there is no need to switch between optical imaging and indenter modes,

Increased accuracy in positioning,

In situ optical spectroscopy (such as Raman microscopy) through the indentation process.

An example of video imaging with the transparent probe may be seen below:

DMA – Dynamic Mechanical Analysis

The NIOS system can also perform dynamic mechanical analysis (DMA) measurements. In DMA mode, the device makes several indents, deeper and deeper into the sample surface. This allows for measurements on hardness and elasticity in a single measurement.

More information – Insert nanoindenter catalog download.