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NIOS Nanomechanical Testers

The  technologies  underlying  NIOS  nano mechanical instruments  have  been  developed  by  Russian  materials scientists  and  engineers since  1995.

NIOS Advanced

The  modular  design  of  NIOS  series  allows  end-users to  configure  a  nanomechanical  tester  specifically  for  their needs  and  requirements. Configurations of NIOS nanomechanical tester can consist of the following modules:

  • Wide-range nanoindenter
  • Optical Microscope
  • Atomic Force Microscope
  • Scanning nanomechanical tester
  • Electrical  Properties Measurement
  • Lateral Force Sensor
  • In-situ Topography Imaging
  • Heating Stage

NIOS Advanced is the flagship  model which implements more  than 30  different  measuring  techniques  covering  all types of physical and  mechanical  properties measurements at the submicron and  nanometer scale.

With NIOS control software a high degree of automated measurements  can  be  achieved  allowing  the  end-user  to configure any set of measurements recipes to be performed without  operator  intervention.  This  feature  is  particularly useful  for  the  technical  control  of  the  materials  quality. With  this  added  functionality,  NIOS  can  be  used  for research work as well  as for industrial applications.

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