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Collection Pro is an automated grain/particle sorting and collection system using the Micro Support Axis Pro benchtop micromanipulator with advanced imaging technology system to rapidly and automatically perform grain/particle separation. This system can be used on grains, microfossils, minerals, and other particles that are normally separated by hand.

Collection Pro automates particle collection and organization.

Easy 4 step process to collect samples

  • Automatic imaging and classification of grains/particles in sample matrix based on size, shape, and color
  • Editing of results
  • Collection set-up including selection of particles to separate
  • Automatic collection

Collection Pro Process

After imaging all grains/particles, a table is generated showing a number of critical parameters for each particle. An image of each grain/particle is saved.

The sample images are all saved and their data is quantified.

All particles that are selected are automatically picked up using a vacuum micropipette.

Collection pro uses a vacuum probe to pick up the particles

Each particle is deposited in a pattern for simple analysis after the collection is completed.

Particles on a slide.

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