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Combining white light confocal
and laser confocal

The industry’s first hybrid laser microscope that utilizes the benefits of white light and laser confocal microscopy. The HYBRID + brings multiple cutting edge technologies together into one package.

Optelics Hybrid+
Optelics Hybrid+

6 Functions

Six functions are equipped in one body: two sets of confocal optics, vertically scanning white light interferometry measurement, phase shift interferometry measurement, differential interference contrast observation, and spectroscopic reflectometry film thickness measurement.

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White Light Confocal

Measure precisely with wide field of view. The HYBRID + has 1.6 times FOV compared to standard CLSM. This means higher efficiency and precision.

High precision measurement using low magnification objective lens that is normally difficult by standard. CLSM. This is achieved by using specially-designed high NA at low magnification objective lens.

• High-definition 24bit full color observation
• Wide FOV observation and measurement
• Wavelength selection appropriate to sample

Read more about the White Light Confocal capabilities.

Laser Confocal

High magnification and high resolution observation.

A laser confocal microscope is a microscope that performs confocal measurements using a laser light source. HYBRID + is equipped with a laser confocal microscope in a common optical system with a white confocal microscope. Equipped with a violet laser with a wavelength of 405 nm, it can clearly capture nano-level fine structures with a high resolution comparable to that of an electron microscope without pretreatment in the atmosphere. The violet laser has the shortest wavelength among visible light and high energy density, so it is possible to take high-magnification and high-contrast images. Since it is a single wavelength, it becomes a monochrome observation image.

As a specific example, high-magnification observation as shown in the image below is possible. It is useful for early feedback to material development and manufacturing processes because it enables detailed observation of microstructures such as crystalline materials, organic materials, semiconductor materials, and device structures.

Si wafer surface (75 μm FOV, magnification on monitor is 3,700x)

Read more about the Laser Confocal capabilities.

Differential interference contrast

Observe nanometer level morphology using differential interference contrast observation

Read more about the Differential Interference Contrast capabilities.

Vertically Scanning White Light Interferometry

Nanometer level step measurement. Measure nanometer level topography using vertically scanning white light interferometry measurement

Read more about the Vertically Scanning White Light Interferometry capabilities.

Phase Shift Interferometry

Angstrom level height measurement. Measure angstrom level topography using phase shift interferometry measurement.

Read more about the Phase Shift Interferometry capabilities.

Reflectometry film thickness measurement

Measure nanometer level transparent film thickness

Read more about the Spectroscopic reflectometry film thickness measurement capabilities.

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