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Quantum Diamond Atomic Force Microscope (QDAFM) is a quantum precision measurement instrument based on both nitrogen-vacancy (NV) center in diamond and AFM scanning imaging technology. It can be detected with magnetic imaging quantitatively and non-destructively by quantum control and readout of spin in luminous NV center defect. With nanoscale high spatial resolution and single spin ultra-high detection sensitivity, QDAFM is an innovative technology to develop and study area of physics, chemistry, material science, life science, biomedical science, etc, such as high density magnetic storage, spintronics, magnetic domain imaging, 2D materials, topological magnetic structure, superconducting magnetic, cell imaging and quantum techniques applications.

Product Features

  • High precision quantitative magnetic imaging
  • Non-invasive magnetic imaging
  • Advanced quantum probe fabrication
  • Magnetic detection sensitivity up to 1 μT/ Hz
  • Spatial resolution of magnetic imaging up to 10nm
  • Compatible with ambient conditions and cryogenic vacuum environment


QDAFM spectrometer has extensive application prospect in many research areas like quantum science, chemistry and material science, biology, medical treatment and more.

Micro-nano magnetic imaging
In condensed matter physics, making sure static spin distribution of magnetic materials is a significant physical issue. It is also the key to study new magnetic devices. With QDAFM spectrometer provide a new measuring approach to achieve high spatial resolution, with the unique advantages of on-invasion, covering a wide temperature range and a large magnetic field measurement range.

Superconductors magnetic imaging
Microscopic studies of superconductors and their vortices play a pivotal role in understanding the mechanisms underlying superconductivity. QDAFM spectrometer under cryogenic conditions demonstrated its quantitative measuring and imaging ability in superconductor vortices study. And this technology can be expanded in more cryogenic condensed matter systems.

Quantitative Mapping of single-vortex stray magnetic fields. (Thiel, L. et al. Quantitative nanoscale vortex imaging using a cryogenic quantum magnetometer. Nature Nanotech-nology 11,677-681 (2016)

Cellular imaging in situ
The in situ measurement of the distribution and imaging of biomolecules inside a cell is one of the important goals in life science. Among various imaging techniques, magnetic imaging (MI) technique can quickly and nondestructively acquire spin distribution images in vivo of samples, and has been widely used in many scientific fields.

Especially in clinical medicine, because it has almost no damage to organisms, MI plays an important role in pathological research, diagnosis and treatment of diseases. However, the traditional MI technique has an induction coil as a sensor, and the spatial limit is above micrometers. It is impossible to perform molecular-scale imaging in a cell. QDAFM, MI based on the NV center in diamond, supported researchers to image ferritins in a membrane bound organelle with a high spatial resolution of ca. 10 nm.

Topological magnetic structure characterization
Magnetic skyrmions are a nanoscale vortex magnetic structure with topological protection properties. It has a various of novel physical properties and provides a new platform for studying topological spintronics. The potential applications in future high-density, low-power, non-volatile computing and storage devices is report with great expectations. However, the detection of a single skyrmions at room temperature is still challenging experimentally. Due to the features of high sensitivity and high resolution, QDAFM provides a solution to this long-standing magnetometry and imaging problem of reconstructing the full set of spin textures from a measured stray field using a general formalism readily applicable to all local magnetometry techniques.

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