Microplastics Isolation and Characterization

Microplastics contaminate marine, freshwater and terrestrial ecosystems around the world. The growing prevalence of these contaminants requires study on their impact on human health and ways in which they can be identified and remediated.

Barnett Technical Services (BTS) has participated in a study set up by the State of California to assess methods for counting and characterizing micro plastic particles in water. This summary illustrates some of the methods BTS used in this study.

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What we offer the Conservation Community

The Micro Support Axis Pro micromanipulator allows for sampling of very small fragments (often smaller than can be seen with the naked eye).  This is often done for measurement by FT-IR, Raman, or another analytical technique.

An example of how the Axis Pro can be used to isolate small fragments for sampling may be seen here: https://barnett-technical.com/….

The Ostec XROS MF30 X-ray microscope can be used to perform nondestructive elemental analysis using XRF.  More information on this system may be found here: https://barnett-technical.com/….

A range of sampling solutions for a wide variety of material and chemical analysis situations may be found on our Steve’s Solutions page.

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Advanced Technisales

Advanced Technisales is now a representative of Barnett Technical Services for Ostec and Micro Support products in the Eastern United States. Founded in 2009 Advanced Technisales specializes in selling process optimization and control equipment for R&D, pilot plant and plant. At present we sell in-situ MIR, NIR, Raman, THz-Raman and Particle Size Analysis. We also sell Calorimeters, Automated Lab Reactors and process enhancement software.