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Micro Emission

Micro Emission MH-5000

Micro Emission has developed a small, sensitive device for the elemental analysis of conducting solutions.   The technology is based on the liquid electrode plasma and measurements can be made in 30 seconds with 80 L of solution.

MH-5000 Features include:

- Measurements on 80 L of solution
- Small footprint (tabletop or handheld)
- Battery power operation
- ppm detection level for many elements
- Rapid measurements (30 seconds)
- No need for purging

The Micro Emission MH-5000

Further information may be found in the product brochure and in a separate document describing elemental detection limits.

For further information, please contact:

Micro Emission Division of Barnett Technical Services:

Phone: 916-893-4967

Micro Emission LEP