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Optical Materials

Barnett Technical Services has extensive experience in the characterization of optical materials (photovoltaic cells, filters, etc.). 

We offer experience in method development, training, and custom products for measurements from the UV to mid-IR  wavelength region.

Automated Transmission/Photoluminescence Measurement System

Barnett Technical Services has been involved in the development of a robust, turnkey system to automatically measure the transmission or photoluminescence properties of optical materials (e.g., photovoltaic cells, filters).   The system incorporates a spectrometer system in a light-tight box enclosure for operation that can operate in both a manufacturing and an R&D environment.  This system provides an easier and quicker way of measuring all product before shipment (rather than measurements on a few specific points).  As an R&D tool, it provides critical information about the coating process across a wafer.

Systems can be configured for operation between 400 and 2500 nm on samples as large as 300 mm in diameter.  Integration into corporate data management systems is straightforward.  The table to the right illustrates some of the parameters that can be specified for a these systems.

Filter Transmission - PL System

Parameter  Range
Spectral Range 400-2500  nm
Bandwidth Variable
Optical Density Measured 0.1-100%T
Spectrometer Accuracy 0.1 nm
Photometric Accuracy 10-100%:   0.25%
   1-10%:   0.10%
  0.1-1%:   0.05%

Stray Light 35 dB
Beam Size Variable 
Wavelength Calibration Ne lamp
Sample sizes Up to 300 mm
Mapping Stage Travel Speed 75 mm/second

For further information on these system or any other questions related to the measurement of optical materials, please contact us